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When to Reupholster?


I know the question that’s on your mind. Sure, you see the before and after pictures, but what you really want to know is:


When should I reupholster and how much does it cost?


Reupholstery is not always the cheapest venture, but it is less expensive than buying new quality furniture. Much of the furniture on the market today is not meant to last.


Conversely, antique furniture was built to last lifetimes.

As such, sometimes the cost of reupholstering a piece of antique furniture can run around the same price (or even a bit more) than what you can purchase new.


So, why reupholster? There’s a few reasons:


When you love it! Your furniture has a history or is “well lived in” and tells a story that you want to keep telling. The first piece of furniture you bought in your marriage or a wing chair that belonged to your grandfather where he used to read to you are good examples.


When it is well-built! If your furniture has a sturdy frame

and quality construction, it's worth reupholstering. Expensive antiques can be reupholstered dozens of times.


When the style can be updated! The magic on reupholstery is that you can do anything! Create a longer skirt, remove

tufting/channeling or plump and soften a piece — all according to your taste.


When it is cost and ecologically sound! Reupholstery is a way to save a well-used piece of quality furniture that would otherwise be discarded.


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