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Crafting Your Creativity: The Unique Story


Our classes are perfect for anyone interested in learning a new craft or refining their skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, we offer classes that cater to your needs. Our instructors bring experience and expertise to each lesson, ensuring students feel comfortable and well-supported throughout the process. Each class is designed with a specific project in mind, but we encourage our students to add their own personal touches and create something truly unique.

Furniture evaluation and restoration/repurposing

Prior to registration -

  • Students must provide a preapproved project and fabric.  Purchase fabric from Unique Short Tree Upholstery and receive 20% off fabric and other material if needed

  • Unique Short Tree does have project furniture available for purchase.

  • We provide ALL tools and clean workspace.

  • Students will receive hands on experience, majority of the class is "work" time.

Fabric Evaluation



Beginner Classes

Advance Classes


Beginner Class

Advance Classes




Photography and Cameras

Camera and Film Evaluation

Beginner Classes




Beginning Upholstering Class
Beginning Upholstering Class
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