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Classes and Mentoring Program


Each of our offerings (furniture restoration/repurposing, painting, knitting, photography, sewing and upholstery) allow students to bring in project(s) of their choice.  Classes can be either group or individual.  Our experts will help you on a class or hourly basis at our location and provide utilization of our tools.


Furniture evaluation and restoration/repurposing

Prior to registration -

  • Students must provide a preapproved project and fabric.  Purchase fabric from Unique Short Tree Upholstery and receive 20% off fabric and other material if needed

  • Unique Short Tree does have project furniture available for purchase.

  • We provide ALL tools and clean workspace.

  • Students will receive hands on experience, majority of the class is "work" time.

How to make a cushion:

This class needs to be taken prior to doing a cushion piece of furniture for weekend warrior or Upholstery.  This class will show how to set up a pattern, cut material,  zipper panels and sew.  Cushions can be with welt or without but will contain a zipper.

Upholstery Weekend and Weekday Classes:  

Upholstery Project Class - length of class is a 8 to 16 hours depending on project

This course lifts up your spirit and project-look by helping you to learn the basics of upholstery by splitting into three class sessions that help the students to 

  • understand the basics for picking out fabric, writing up a pattern and what will be needed to tear apart the piece to prepare for reassembly.

  • investigate any repair that needs to be completed, cut pattern and do any necessary sewing (teachers will assist)

  • assembly of piece and final check/review

Along the way while working we will identify modern professional tools, show safe and consistent processes, learn vocabulary of upholstery and review the art of upholstery/wood and fabrics.  Projects consist of either a one cushion chair (unless pillow class has been taken), ottoman, stool, office chair, or dining room chair.


Pillow with Welt/Piping -

Average length of class is couple hours

We will create a knife cut pillow with a welt cord.  A welt cord is the fabric-covered cord that is used on upholstery, slipcovers, pillows, headboards, etc.  Welt cord is a way to finish off a project.  Welting can be created from the fabric that is being utilized or in a contrasting color to add more personalization.  We will go through when to use single and double.  Students will get a chance to make their own welting to use in upcoming projects.  If the project piece that the student is planning on for the upholstery redo has a cushion they need to take this class too.  Students can purchase foam, fabric, and zipper from Unique Short Tree or bring in their own.


Vinyl/leather differences

average length of class is a couple of hours check out Facebook page for dates and times

Both leather and vinyl materials are very durable and will typically last for many years without noticeable signs of wear.  We will have our experts go through what the differences are related to measuring, durability, care and design opportunities.  We will have examples of both options and examples of work completed.

Springs and seating

The three types of springs will be reviewed, a discussion on how to check furniture to see what needs to be repaired.  Discussion of solutions.  This is a demonstration class.  Students can purchase necessary separate supplies and sign up for mentoring with our experts to help them in repairing damage .


Tufted headboard upholstery

This class will show you how to build the headboard frame, pad up with foam and Dacron, add your main fabric and button tuft with contrast buttons as well as add contrast cording. This is a demonstration class.  Students can purchase necessary separate supplies and sign up for mentoring with our experts to help them in repairing damage .



Channel or attached Cushion

This class will show you how the channel chair is built, pad up with foam and Dacron, and add your main fabric. Many of the skills you will learn in this demonstration can be used in other upholstery projects.  Students can purchase necessary separate supplies and sign up for mentoring with our experts to help them in channeling.


Scarf Knitting -

Learn to make a simple, chunky scarf in this beginner friendly knitting class. You will learn how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and binding off. An extra material fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.


Knitting in the Round - The start of making hats, headbands, etc.

Learn to make a simple, chunky hat using circular needles in this beginner friendly class. You will learn how to cast on, use circular needles, join in the round, knit stitch, purl stitch, how to use double pointed needles, and how to close a hat. An extra material fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.


Knitting Mittens

Learn to make a pair of mittens or fingerless mitts in this advanced beginner class. You will need to know casting on, working in the round, knit/purl stitch, and binding off. This class will teach increasing stitches, picking up stitches for the thumb, and closing the top of a mitten.  We will also cover patterns and how to read them and the importance of understanding your knitting gauge. An extra material fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.  Must have taken the scarf and knitting in round class prior


Say Cheese - Film Camera Inspection


This class is designed to teach students how to inspect a film camera in unknown condition, and is intended for those looking to potentially sell a camera or for those looking to purchase one second-hand.   Students will learn how to check camera functions, batteries, and mechanisms for proper operation, as well as check lenses for deterioration and damaged mechanisms.  Bring your own camera.


Basic film camera operation

Recently purchased a film camera, but not entirely sure where to start? This class is intended to teach students the basics of operating film cameras of all ages and sizes!  Students will learn the basic functions of a film camera, as well as how to operate a camera manually where applicable. Film loading, unloading, and understanding the basics of exposure are also taught.  Bring your own camera or we can have one for you to borrow.


Basic film development

Film developing is surprisingly easy, and this class is intended to teach you how! Students will learn how to mix chemicals, proper safety procedures to follow, as well as other topics like unloading film in a dark bag and loading film into a developing tank.  Bring your own film.



Beginner Sewing

This course provides a foundational education on the features and use of a standard sewing machine. You will learn how to prepare the machine for use, change the settings for different uses, and gain the ability to use patterns. The course will help you build the confidence to tackle your sewing projects. Participants can expect to make a pillow cover with zipper. For the final sessions of the class, the instructor will provide you with guidance as you tackle your independent projects.

Supplies for instructor led projects are included. Instructor will provide guidance on necessary materials needed for independent projects.

If you have your own sewing machine that you would like to learn on please bring it with you. There will be an extra hour instruction on what you need to know about your machine.


Beginning Upholstering Class
Beginning Upholstering Class
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