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Getting a quote is as easy as can be, with quite a few ways to do it! We provide in-person consultations at our studio, as well as remote quoting over email, phone, and text. Simply fill in the form on this page or text us with photos and details of your project.


Sometimes additional details can be added or deleted from expected finished products such as:  cushion insert choices, skirt styles, nail-heads, buttons, skirt trims and arm covers.


There are two ways to get fabric for your project: purchase the fabric yourself, or purchase fabric through Unique Short Tree from one of our fabric providers.


Then, we can schedule a more detailed conversation to explain how we can help you along with timing for drop off/pick up.


When the furniture arrives at the workroom, the old covering and decking are removed, the piece is examined, and the spring work is inspected. Beyond making sure the details of the work order are accurate, the workroom determines if structural improvements are required or recommended, and whether there will be additional charges for the project. Any potential upcharge is agreed to before the work is done.


For adding images, use the chat box below or email/text us with your images

Thanks for submitting!

If you have pre-purchased fabric, be sure to send a picture of the material

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