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Unique Short Tree brings over 20 years of design, upholstery and woodwork experience to your job. Coming from a long line of Michigan-born makers and entrepreneurs we fuse the skill trades of upholstering, hand-caning, and antique restoration with modern technology of lasers and 3D printing and a drive for high-quality workmanship.

We take pride in reclaiming the uniqueness of quality pieces of furniture that have been lived in.  We give these pieces a new life through our attention to detail. 

At Unique Short Tree we pick up, reupholster, and deliver back to you. Whether you have fabric already or if you need to buy, our team is ready to help you make the best decision for your pieces. It couldn’t be easier!

Customers always seem to ask:

  • When to reupholster

  • How the process works

  • How we price


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